Predeal is well known for winter sports. In 2012 it was one of the guest cities for the Youth Winter Olimpics. So if you want to ski or go snowboarding, you must know that there are 7 slopes with different difficulty levels.


Clabucet – 2100m – intermediate

Sub teleferic – 1200m – hard

Clabucet finish – 100m – easy

Clabucet variant – 790m – easy

Cocosul – 2250m – intermediate

Sub teleferic variant – 600m – hard

Clabucet school – 790m – easy

We were saying earlier that Predeal is mostly known for winter sports, but in the summertime you can go hiking or mountain biking. There are 16 hiking tracks and 3 mountain biking tracks. If you are interested, there are maps waiting for you at the reception desk, which you can study before you go climb the mountain.

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